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Q: What sets Habitat staging apart?

Our homes do not look staged!  Often times staged homes feel cold, lifeless, or sterile. On the contrary, our spaces are designed to ellicit an emotional response- creating warm, inviting, livable environments that reflect a buyer's aspirations and lifestyle and ultimately drive buying decisions.


Q: Why hire a professional home stager or designer?

A professional home stager creates marketable environments – transforming houses into inviting, appealing and attractive homes by minimizing flaws and highlighting features. Staging a home prior to listing increases buyer appeal, establishes strong first impressions and influences buyers by illiciting emotional responses.


Q: Do you own or rent your furniture?
We own 100% of our inventory and emphasize quality and value as a means to creating distinctive interior environments. Our warehouse is filled with both classic and contemporary furnishings, eclectic accents, accessories, original art, and photography.


Q; Can an owner-occupied home be staged?

Yes, we stage owner-occupied homes. We can work with a homeowner's existing furnishings to redesign rooms for optimum appeal payiing close attention to the proper balance, function, and scale.


Q: How long does staging take to complete?
Typically 2 days. The installation time depends on the scope of the project, including the size of home and number of rooms to be staged.


Q: I already have furniture, but need accessories and finishing touches. Can you help?
Yes, we can accomodate partial stages. We work with existing furnishings to re-work spaces and add/edit accessories and art. To provide assurance of a cohesive and streamlined look, we incorporate additions that work well with existing elements in the home.



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